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My mother was recently approved for Medicaid and the notices for SilverScript started coming. I ignored these thinking it was unnecessary coverage, so I NEVER enrolled or replied back to them in any way.

Now I am getting past due notices for $357.00, but interestingly, seeing 'discounted' amounts on these payments like they are trying to reach a number that I will be comfortable paying.

This is distressing because you really don't know if you're liable for these charges. It is confusing and after having had to bring my mother's bank balances below $2000, there isn't much money left to go around.

I'm not paying them a dime.

Reason of review: Unsolicited enrollment.

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QUOTE : "I'm not paying them a dime." RIGHT ! If there's any further fallout or contact, send them a Certified Mail return receipt requested written demand for a copy of anything you signed or gave permission in any way shape or form to sign Mom up and bill for this "service" (which you will have researched thoroughly before writing) ...

if this turns out to be junk solicitations with phony invoices ... QUOTE : "I'm not paying them a dime."


Hey! Thanks for the support. I'm sadly finding that these kinds of 'abuses' to the elderly are everywhere.

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